Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential candidate, is proposing a new tax credit for the middle class families that provides care for the aged parents and grandparents. As per the aide, Clinton will call for a credit of up to $6,000 to offset the cost to the taxpayers who care for the elderly people in their family. Her proposal is modeled on a bill that was introduced by Sen. Amy Klobuchar earlier this year.

Hillary Clinton knows that as the baby boomers grow old, more families need to offer care or they will need love and care from their loved ones, states a fact sheet revealing Clinton’s plan.

The credit is the latest addition to the taxpayers so that they get tax relief measures that she has introduced as she looks for the Democratic nomination for president. A part of her plan is to expand and build on the ACC (Affordable Care Act), and Clinton has proposed a tax credit of $5000 already for the families with extreme out of pocket costs related to health care.

Clinton stated on Saturday at an outdoor meeting of the local Democrats in North Charleston that other candidates want to raise the taxes for the working people and middle care as a segment of their health care plans. She said that she does not want to see the taxes increase affecting the healthcare expenses.

Clinton also stated that she supports extending the education expenses with the American Opportunity Tax Credit. Besides this, Clinton will also propose that caregivers who decide to take off or leave from work, they will get paid workforce in order to take care of their parent or child, and receive credits from the Social Security retirement benefits.

As per her plan, Hillary Clinton will invest more money in the programs that offer grant dollars for the respite care requirements such as short stays in the caregiving facilities. Also, it is to launch a government wide initiative called Care Workers Initiative to guide the training as well as placement for the care workers and to ensure that they are paid reasonably to meet their needs.

Hillary Clinton Proposes Tax Credit for the Caregivers

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