The launch of the self-driving cars on the roads of America is not too far than it was thought earlier. Ford says that it plans to start the manufacturing of the self-driving cars, and so they will be ready to be launched by the year 2020.

The CEO of Ford, Mark Fields stated that the company wants to have the self-driving cars moving on the roads of the U.S in four years approximately. Ford has already trailed one such autonomous vehicle at the Mcity, a highly complex test ground that is designed for the purpose. Mcity can replicate the different traffic situations as it has lane delineators, street lights, and construction barriers. The launch of the autonomous cars in four years from now seems to be realistic.

He pointed that wherever the HD roadmap exists, it should be of no trouble for the manufacturer’s cars to circulate on the same. The regulatory and legal issues that come with the menu will also be resolved as the technology is ready.

Ford is not the only automaker to acknowledge the launch of the self-driving cars as Google has estimated that the autonomous cars’ mass production will start in five years. However, there is no mention on how its cards will be played in this field.

Ford to Unveil Self-Driving Cars in 2020

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