A snowstorm left its effects in most parts of the Midwest, and it is in Canada now. It left a deep freeze as it moved. Forecasters claim that the temperatures will be between single digits and below zero in most places. This will result in freezing the snow and rendering dangerous driving conditions.

People fired up their snow blowers and dug out shovels on Saturday after the snowstorm dumped from 3 to 20 inches of snow all over Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. The first major snowstorm of this season created dangerous travel conditions and resulted in over 500 flight cancellations.

As per the National Weather Service, the snow that fell in South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota continued in Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan before it headed northwest into Canada, later on Saturday.

In the town of Janesville, in the south of Wisconsin, there was snowfall between 10 and 20 inches by the afternoon of Saturday. People were hardly seen out.

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Snowstorm Blasts Upper Midwest, Followed by Deep Freeze

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