Are you planning to purchase a 4K ultra high definition TV this holiday season? You need to shop wisely or you might get zapped. As per a report from NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council), and Ecos Research that analyzed the 2014 and 2015 models, the Ultra HD TVs consume over 30 percent higher power than the other TV sets on an average basis. This means there will be an increase in the electricity bills.

Indeed, the TVs will a screen size of a minimum of 36 inches were to suck up high power at the rate that the average ultra high definition sets do. The electricity bills of the consumers will definitely increase by $1 billion on an annual basis, claim these groups.

This study does not mean that all the ultra high definition TV sets consume too much of electricity as different products have different energy efficiency. The Director of the Center for Energy Efficiency at NRDC, Noah Horowitz, noted that the study discovered that there is a three fold different in the consumption of energy between the ultra high definition TVs of different companies. The same models of such TVs barely use more energy that the other high definition TV sets.

With the overall number of television sets in the exceeding the population of the country, there are estimates that the energy efficiency becomes an environmental issue. As per the analysis, the 36 inch and larger television sets are likely to be ultra high definition ones. With the current usage of electricity on an average by these TVs, there will be an additional carbon content of 5 million metric tons added to the atmosphere.

One third of all these TVs are 50 inches or larger, and the largest, and minimum efficient models use as much electricity as a new refrigerator in a year. Consumers can take measures to reduce the impact. One has to look for the Energy Star ultra high definition models in order to meet the government mandated goals related to energy efficiency. Also, the Automatic Brightness Control feature should be enabled as it can adjust the screen brightness according to the ambient lighting. As per NRDC, it can reduce the energy consumption by around 50 percent.

4K Ultra-HD TVs Will Blast Your Electric Bill

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