Is Your Furnace Performing Well

There are many issues when performing a furnace repair that most home owners may not be equipped to handle. The biggest of them being that furnaces run on electric, gas or oil, all of which can be dangerous to work with. An electric furnace repair can be dangerous form several things including possibly starting a fire in your home, not to mention the possibility of being electrocuted. A gas furnace repair also has some possible dangerous results if you’re not familiar with hoe they work. Furnace services and repair - new installationsGas furnaces can produce toxic vapors like “carbon monoxide” which can be deadly. A gas furnace exploding and damaging your home is also a possibility if the furnace repair is done incorrectly. Not having heat in the cold seasons can also cause other damage in your home like allowing your pipe pipes to freeze. That’s why calling an experienced furnace repair service right away is not only your safest solution but can help avoid further damage to your furnace or plumbing. No one wants to be without heat when the cold winds are blowing, but attempting to do a furnace repair on your own, may only create more damage, additional costs and a longer period of being without heat. Our experienced furnace repair technicians are standing by to get you out of the cold as soon as possible.

When it comes to furnace repair many problems may be solved by having a maintenance plan. Many furnace repair problems can be minor and due to lack of maintenance. Instead of dealing with a furnace repair, try our heating and cooling maintenance program. We clean and adjust the burner and pilot assembly which can lead to many furnace repairs. We also clean and inspect the heat exchange and blower components. A dirty heat exchange or malfunctioning blower may may cause you to get a furnace repair. We also check flue draft and clean or replace filters. These are probably 2 of the biggest causes of getting a furnace repair. We also check electrical connections and gas pressure which can cause much more than just a minor furnace repair.furnace repair

Furnace repair and maintenance can provide plenty of warm air on those cold nights and save you money on your electric bill. If your furnace doesn’t heat you home like it use too or if it doesn’t provide heat at all, a furnace repair may be a solution. A furnace repair and properly maintained furnace will use less energy, last longer and provide all the heat you need.
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Is Your Furnace Performing Well

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