Termites: Pest Control

In the spring of every year, the air is filled with reproductive termites as nature continues its cycle of specie survival. Many times however this event happens right in our living room and causes great panic. The homeowner who doesn’t know about termites sprays the insects and cleans them up and although they are curious about them they are soon forgotten.

What folks don’t realize is that this is a major sign of a serious problem. Sure the winged termites are dead but they don’t do any damage anyway. It’s the worker termites that the homeowner does not usually see that causes all the damage behind the walls and is happy to stay out of sight. Swarmers only come once per year usually in the spring. They represent new colonies if they can make it through all the dangers that await them but they also declare the thousands that they leave behind in their subterranean world. Only mature colonies produce swarmers so when you see them take flight you should take action. More on this website @ https://jenkinspest.com/san-antonio-termite-control/
A mature colony of subterranean termites is about sixty thousand strong at least. It takes two to three years and favorable conditions for them to get this large. The queen who was once a swarmer herself is an egg-laying machine pumping out hundreds per day. The queen can live up to thirty years and there is always a ready stable of supplementary reproductive’s waiting to take over in case she dies. The supplemental queens also produce eggs and this really speeds up a colony’s growth.

The only termite in the colony that actually does any damage to a structure is the worker termite. Completely blind they feed and move in total darkness. They build tunnels in which to move and pack mud that holds moisture in the areas they are eating in. The workers then travel back down to the colony hub where they feed the rest of the wood they have digested. Despite not having any sight they are very adept at finding ways into a home or building. Even a tiny crack about as thick as a business card is more than enough for the pliable termite.

Even professionals can’t always see an infestation right away and for most people, why treat what you can’t see. Termites, however, may still be in the walls and the folks who are wise choose to spray before they have any outward manifestation. They say there are only two kinds of homes, those with termites and those that will get termites. You may wish to consider staying ahead of them with this in mind before you come home one spring day and have a living room alive with flying termites. Click here for more information @ https://jenkinspest.com

Residential Pest Control – Termite Treatment

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