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Air conditioner ratings – Consumer guide to energy-efficient air conditioning. A/C by different brands rated and reviewed.

Air conditioner rating is measured by EER (energy efficiency rating). The higher the number – the more efficient you’re a/C unit is. The older units only have a rating of 6 or 7. At the same time, the best modern air conditioners have an efficiency rating of 12 or higher. That means that they consume almost twice less energy while cooling your house. More on this webpage

When searching for an A/C unit with a high-efficiency rating, look for units with an Energy Star. Earning an Energy Star means that this unit has a high rating.

Air conditioners are no longer luxury – prices of the window and portable units are very affordable.

You can find four main types of air conditioning systems: window-wall units, portable air conditioners, split systems, and ducted systems. Window-wall units are placed in windows and are used for cooling smaller rooms. Central air conditioners use ducting pipes that are placed in the ceiling. These pipes route the cool air through ceiling vents or “ducts” in each room. Split system air conditioners have two main sections – a quiet unit inside and a compressor outside.

How Air Conditioning Works
To cool your room, air conditioning systems remove heat and moisture from the indoor air and transfer it outdoors. All air conditioning systems work on the same principle – they have a chemical refrigerant that absorbs the unwanted heat and then pumps it through a piping system to the outside coil. After that, the fan blows outside air over the hot coil to transfer heat from the refrigerant to the outside air.

Air conditioner rating is critical because high-efficiency air conditioners are a little more expensive than traditional units; they use 20%-50% less energy. That represents a sizeable amount of overall savings. So, in the long run, a high-rating unit will cost you less. Also, proper sizing is critical for an efficient air conditioning system.

Air Conditioner Ratings

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