Snowstorm Blasts Upper Midwest, Followed by Deep Freeze

A snowstorm left its effects in most parts of the Midwest, and it is in Canada now. It left a deep freeze as it moved. Forecasters claim that the temperatures will be between single digits and below zero in most places. This will result in freezing the snow and rendering dangerous driving conditions.

People fired up their snow blowers and dug out shovels on Saturday after the snowstorm dumped from 3 to 20 inches of snow all over Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. The first major snowstorm of this season created dangerous travel conditions and resulted in over 500 flight cancellations.

As per the National Weather Service, the snow that fell in South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota continued in Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan before it headed northwest into Canada, later on Saturday.

In the town of Janesville, in the south of Wisconsin, there was snowfall between 10 and 20 inches by the afternoon of Saturday. People were hardly seen out.

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Terror Threat to Impact Holiday Travel

This week, there will be 46 million people traveling to the United States, and they will witness extra officers, guns, and patrol dogs at every airport, tourist destination and train station all over the country. As per a new poll, almost 83 percent of the registered voters believe that a large scale terror attack will likely take place in the U.S. in the near future.

Jeh Johnson, the Homeland Security Secretary, stated that his agency is prepared to face anything. He stated that he always hesitates to rank the threats, but the potential copycat and lone wolf actor is the one that has to be continuously focused on.

The lines at the airports will be long and slow moving. The TSA will handle 25 million passengers this week alone with the improved screenings. As per a tourist Sherry Tropin, they were a little bit aware of the tight security now, and people might be more nervous. But, it is not only the travelers, also the airlines are nervous. Southwest delayed or diverted almost three flights. In a couple of cases, the passengers were afraid as fellow fliers spoke Arabic. On Sunday, three passengers were claimed to act suspiciously on a flight to Los Angeles from Indiana and it forced a diversion to Kansas City.

There were fake bomb threats that redirected three flights from the U.S. to overseas this week. One of the flights was of a Turkish Airlines to Istanbul scheduled for Sunday morning. Also, in New York City, the police held a three hour shooter drill in the subway system. Their drill included an attacker with a suicide vest.

Bill Bratton, the Police Commissioner, stated that they have beefed up their resources, and they will be in a position to deal with a significant number of events that take place sequentially and simultaneously.

The Department of Homeland Security stated that there are no plausible threats in the U.S. Johnson said that this holiday season they urge the public to continue their travel, go the public places, attend public events and know that their folks are doing their job. Moreover, extra security measures have been put in place for the overseas flights.

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Syrian Refugees Arrive Again at U.S. – Mexico Border

The Federal officials claim that another group of Syrian refugees has turned up into the immigration authorities along the border between the U.S. and Mexico. On Sunday, the Department of Homeland Security confirmed that the people identified them to the border agents in Laredo in South Texas on Friday. They comprised of a family of three and two other men.

The group was held to check their identities in the national security databases, and they turned for temporary detention to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Their arrival came following two Syrian families identified them to the border agents in Laredo on Tuesday. In both the instances, the men were taken to a detention center and the women along with children to another.

Millions of people have fled Syria in order to escape the war, and most of them went to Europe. It is not rare for the Syrians and other Middle East people to seek refuge in the U.S. via different routes. However, the Syrians getting detention in Texas comes at the time when the national security concerns are heightened from many governors as well as GOP presidential candidates opposing the federal plan to accept almost 10,000 refugees from Syria following the Paris attacks.

Last week, it was claimed that five Syrian refugees were trying to enter the United States with the help of stolen Greek passports, and they were detained in Honduras. There were no signs of links to the Paris attacks, claimed the police.

The Syrian men are kept under custody in Tegucigalpa, the Honduran capital after they arrived from Costa Rica. They were planning to head to the border with Guatemala, and their passports were doctored in order to replace the photographs.

The police spokesman stated that they received information from the fellow police services that five Syrians left Greece, and they passed through the countries such as Turkey, Brazil, Argentina and San Jose before they reached Tegucigalpa.

The pressure to stop accepting the refugee from Syria is growing in the U.S. as the French authorities revealed that a Syrian passport was discovered close to the body of one of the terrorists killed during the Paris attacks.

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